CCHRC Research and Testing Facility (RTF)

Solar-Power Monitoring Systems

Cold Climate Housing Research Center, with major funding from BP, is initiating a demonstration project for hybrid alternative-energy systems in cold climates. Project partners include Remote Power Inc., GW Scientific, Siemens, and the University of Alaska, Institute of Northern Engineering. This portion of the project is focused on the application of solar power systems in cold climates. Some of the project questions include;
  • Do solar trackers help extend cost benefits of in northern latitudes?
  • Does solar reflection off fall and spring snow surfaces increase the available power from solar systems in the arctic?
  • How can small communities best incorporate solar power systems into existing power infrastructure?

We are just getting started. Please visit the below links for early information on construction and the operations of the Campbell Scientific Inc. monitoring station. This system is being used to measure the climate and outside operations of the solar power system.

Solar Array "Near-Real-Time" Images

Solar-Power Monitoring Station!

CCHRC Solar PV Array Cameras
North Camera   North Camera

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