CCHRC Research and Testing Facility (RTF)

Roof Insulation Monitoring

The main office has a conventional roof with blown insulation in the attic space. Two types of insulation are being compared for both performance comparison and to help illustrate how the roof insulation works over the wide range of temperature conditions common to the Interior (+90F to -60F). Thermo-Kool and Johns Manville both have provided insulation products, which were installed to meet a R-60 thermal insulation rating. Temperature and relative humidity sensors were installed to see the environmental conditions from just under the outer 30 lb roofing felt to the inside of the 5/8” ceiling sheet rock. The vapor barrier is installed just above the ceiling sheet rock. The attic space is vented through a steel soffit.

Fiberglass Blown Insulation
The Johns Manville blown fiberglass was installed in the southwest corner of the roof to a depth of 20 inches, providing a R60 thermal insulation

4 | 6 | 12 Month Graphs

Cellulose Blown Insulation
The Thermo-Kool cellulose insulation fills up the rest of the attic space and is separated from the fiberglass through a fine-mesh screen material. It was installed to a depth of 16 inches providing an R60 thermal insulation.

4 | 6 | 12 Month Graphs

Photo Gallery : Roof Sensor Installation
Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors in Fiberglass Insulation area.
Multiple sensors used to measure profiles through the insulation
Wire screen mesh used to separate insulation types
Cellulose (left) insulation and fiberglass (right) insulation after
partial installation

Applications and Questions for Homeowners and Builders
When deciding on the type of insulation and style of attic roof construction to use, there are several questions to consider;

  • What do you expect your energy costs to be over the lifespan of your house?
  • Will you use your attic space for storage?
  • What is the long-term energy savings with different insulation types?
  • Can insulation installation methods change your effective R value?

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