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Bushland Meteorology Station Project

GW Scientific has established a meteorological station in the Old Prairie West section of Bushland, Texas. It is important to measure station diagnostics, such as voltage and current measurements, when operating long-term data collection stations. This information is helpful at reducing potential operational problems, optimizing station operations, planning station upgrades and learning how to optimize the power use of the station.

Station Technical Information

The Bushland meteorology station is solar-powered and uses equipment primarily from Campbell Scientific (CS) to read sensors, store and process data, and provide telemetry. A CR1000X data logger is used to measure and store data from a variety of sensors and allow operator control of the station functions.

Data are automatically retrieved every 15 minutes from the station using a Windows version of Loggernet Admin. This allows for a robust and secure communication system. The near-real-time data display is achieved through RTMC-Pro.

Information on the Diagnostic Pages is updated every 15 minutes. Measurements and calculations are made every 5 seconds.

On the RTMC plots shown on these pages, battery voltage is measured by both the CR1000X datalogger and a CH201 12 V Charging Regulator. The CH201 also measures the solar panel voltage of the SP20 20-W solar panel and the Weize 100-W solar panel, as well as the battery, load, and solar panel currents. Finally, the CH201 and the CR1000X measure their own internal temperatures.

Project Contact Information

Please contact one of the following individuals for additional information about the project, or to report any data outages

Ron Paetzold (GW Scientific),, 979-220-6838 (cell)

Michael Lilly (GW Scientific),, 907-322-3008 (cell)

Additional Information

Project Home Image Viewer Weather Diagnostics Status MesoWest

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