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Brailey Hydrologic
Juniper Creek Hydroelectric Project

This small-scale hydroelectric project is located in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska. The Project is located in the Juniper Creek watershed, a small tributary of the Eagle River. The Project will provide power to the Matanuska Electric Association (MEA) power grid. Juniper Creek flows year-round and is expected to generate electricity throughout the year.

Current Station Power Diagnostics at BJB01

The following are a series of plots showing the near-real time station power-system data for the base station (BJB01). The data is updated hourly through an Internet Protocol (IP) connection. Two 100-W solar panels power a battery bank of four Concorde Sunsaver 1040T 104-Amp-hr batteries. The total capacity of the battery bank is 416 Amp-hrs.

How Does it Work?

The hydro-power station is solar powered and uses equipment primarily from Campbell Scientific (CS) to read sensors, store and process data, and provide telemetry. A CR310 data logger is used to measure and store data from a variety of sensors. The power system diagnostics data is measured by the CH201 Campbell Scientific smart charge controller. This smart charger allows the accurate measurements of system input and output currents and voltages.

Data is automatically retrieved from the station using a Linux version of Loggernet Admin. This allows us a robust and secure communication system. The near-real-time data displays and plotting is achieved through RTMC-Pro.

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Home Power System

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